A Lifestyle of Generosity

TREASURES OF THE HEART: A Lifestyle of Generosity.
Matthew 6:19-21
Impact Point: I will give generously

Jesus Teaches a Kingdom Principle . . .

  1. The principle takes the form of a command (Matthew 6:19-20)
    1. do not store treasures on earth
    2. do store treasures in Heaven
  2. The command is built upon a divine value (Matthew 6:19-20)
    1. the value of treasures on earth
    2. the value of treasures in heaven
  3. The value determines man’s spiritual condition (Matthew 6:21-24)
    1. the heart (Matthew 6:21)
    2. the mind (Matthew 6:22-23)
    3. the will (Matthew 6:24)

Questions for Further Study:

  1. If you were stranded on a desert island and could have only three possessions with you, what would you choose and why?
  2. What valuable possessions do you have that cannot be replaced?
  3. What are some things you’d never give up, no matter how much money you were offered for them?
  4. Where did Jesus urge His followers not to “store up treasures”? Why? (Matthew 6:19)
  5. Why did Jesus discourage stockpiling things? (Matthew 6:19)
  6. What can happen to a person’s material possessions? (Matthew 6:19)
  7. Where did Jesus encourage us to invest our wealth? Why? (Matthew 6:20)
  8. Why is heaven a better place to “bank” than earth? (Matthew 6:20)
  9. What does the location of a person’s treasure say about that person? (Matthew 6:21)
  10. What is described as the “lamp of the body”? How is this so? (Matthew 6:22)
  11. What is the result of “good eyes”? (Matthew 6:22)
  12. When will people’s lives be full of darkness? (Matthew 6:23)
  13. What did Jesus say about serving two masters? (Matthew 6:24)
  14. Why did Jesus say we cannot serve two masters? (Matthew 6:24)
  15. What two masters did Jesus mention in this context? Why? (Matthew 6:24)
  16. How have you felt whenever you have lost a valued possession?
  17. How can we “store up . . . treasures in heaven”?
  18. How can we determine where our treasure is (and thus where our hearts are)?
  19. What sort of things do you think about most?
  20. Where does your mind naturally gravitate to in those moments just before you go to bed?
  21. How clear is your spiritual vision right now?
  22. What masters most often fight for your allegiance?
  23. In what ways do you serve money?
  24. In what ways can you master your money?
  25. How could you make an investment in eternity today?
  26. What committed Christian friends could help you evaluate your use of money in the next month?
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