Awana Update September 28

BARF Night was a success! (Most parents never say that – I know I have never even thought that!). The kids handed out over 15 invitations and had 5 real friends plus at least 8 stuffed friends, and a new member come this week! So exciting to see kids invite kids to learn about Jesus!

This Week’s THEME: Cereal Night!
Bring a box of cereal for the food pantry. KGBC helps feed people all year long and we will have several times during the year where the AWANA Club will help restock the Church Food Pantry – Thanks for helping. We will also enjoy a cereal snack during group time this week.

NEW this Week: We are changing the entry door! Enter through the Preschool Welcome Center (on the same side of the building) for check in. We will have signs out this week and you can park in the same area.

We should have books & uniforms for the kids to bring home this week. Children will get credit for wearing a ‘uniform’ if they have on tennis shoes until we get them in. And don’t forget to send a bag with the kids so they can put their Bibles (T&T and Sparks), Handbooks, and offering all in one place. We are trying to get through about 2 lessons per night for the next month so we can finish the books during the year.

Please ask if you have any questions. And let me know if you want to sign up for OIAM (Operation Inasmuch) on Saturday, October 21!


Responding to Jesus

Ken talks about the way we respond to Jesus’ invitation, from a passage in John 4:43-54.

(5 Ways Man’s Heart Responds to Jesus)

  1. An Openness: that welcomes Jesus (John 4:43-45)
  2. A Need: that drives a life to call out to Jesus (John 4:46-47)
  3. A Will: that surrenders to the authority of Jesus (John 4:48-49)
  4. A Resolve: that obeys the Words of Jesus (John 4:50-51)
  5. A Lifestyle: that becomes transformed and influential through Jesus (John 4:52-53)

Student Fall Retreat 2017

Students’ Fall 2017 Retreat: Download the needed forms for information (November 3-5, 2017).

  1. Guys Information Packet
  2. Girls Information Packet

GIRLS: Come join us for a beach getaway at Sandbridge!  This weekend is designed to challenge your heart and enrich your friendships with some “girl time” and teaching from the Word.  Our sessions will include topics that touch on the female tendencies of the heart and will be led by women from our church!



GUYS: Camping, paintball, and lots of man food. This weekend is all about connecting with other guys and God.

Awana Update September 21

Thanks to all the parents that came last week! If you were unable to stay and have any questions, please let us know! We sent a full box of school supplies to a local school in need this week – we know they appreciate your generosity.

THIS WEEK – September 24

THEME: BARF (Bring A Real Friend)
Last week we gave invite cards to all the kids so they could bring a friend this week! You will get points for just inviting someone and extra points if they come. The Cubbies will get points for bringing a stuffed animal ‘friend’ this week!

Parents: If you are interested in learning about our “Operation Inasmuch” (OIAM) all day mission project, come back at 6 pm to hear all about it! The leader (Cheryl Douglas) for this project will be checking the kids in on Sunday and speaking at large group time. We are excited about including you this year and there are several ways you can help. We will be accepting donations (clothing…) and need your help in finding people to help, and, of course, you are invited to sign up for a team and join us! We will have childcare along with age appropriate mission work for the kids. So, check your calendar and mark OIAM on October 21.

We should have books for the kids to bring home this week although our uniform order will probably not arrive in time to hand out on Sunday. Children will get credit for wearing a ‘uniform’ if they have on tennis shoes until we get them in. And don’t forget to send a bag with the kids so they can put their Bibles, Handbooks and offering all in one place.


Celebration – Looking Inward

“THEN” (Looking inside to the need)
The Reality of a Life NEEDING GOD’S PRESENCE (Psalm 124:1-5)

  1. the reality of salvation calls for the denial of self (Psalm 124:1-2a)
  2. the reality of salvation reveals the true essence of our need (Psalm 124:2b-3)
  3. the reality of salvation points to the power and destruction of evil (Psalm 124:4-5)

“NOW” (Looking inside to the change)
The Reality of a Life WITH GOD’S PRESENCE (Psalm 124:6-8)

  1. salvation: defined by Presence
  2. salvation: defined by Protection
  3. salvation: defined by a Personal Relationship

Conclusion: Your life lived as a song of salvation . . . celebrates God’s presence with you through Jesus Christ.

Anticipation – Looking Forward

How can I build anticipation in my faith?

  1. The POSTURE for anticipation (Psalm 123:1)
    1. Surrender of the will
    2. Discipline of the senses
  2. The PRACTICE of anticipation (Psalm 123:2)
    1. Looking to the Master’s Hand for the assignment
    2. Looking to the Master’s hand to provide for the assignment
  3. The PERSONAL BLESSINGS from anticipation (Psalm 123:3-4)
    1. God’s favor
    2. Freedom from distress