What is the Ultimate Story?

Our Thinking About Kingdom Awakened.
What is the Ultimate Story?
Acts 28:30-31

Six Truths that Will Build Kingdom Thinking in the Lives of the Church

  1. A kingdom focused ministry requires consistency.
    1. Paul was under house arrest for two years
    2. His activities for these two years…
      1. He EXPOUNDED the Scripture
      2. He WITNESSED what he saw and experienced
      3. He PERSUADED people toward the gospel
  2. A kingdom focused ministry has an openness to every opportunity.
    1. Paul was under house arrest but was still all about the task of reaching people for Christ (Acts 20:24)
    2. He brought people in, taking every opportunity to “reach out and take in.”
  3. A kingdom focused ministry welcomes and serves people.
    1. Jesus had a kingdom vision – Luke 4:18-19
    2. Paul welcomed all types of people.
      1. Synagogue Jews – who wanted to hear for themselves, they came to visit him
      2. Street people – perhaps Paul preached through an open window
  4. A kingdom focused ministry becomes a proclamation of the truth.
    1. The Kerygma – the preaching of the gospel (Luke 4:18-19, Romans 10:14, Matthew 3:1).
    2. There is change in every encounter – either the proclaimer or the receiver.
  5. A kingdom focused ministry always promotes the centrality of the King, Jesus Christ.
    1. Paul knew who Jesus is – Messiah, One True Light, Savior, Cornerstone.
    2. Paul had a story to tell – Acts 9:1-19, Acts 22:1-29, Acts 26:1-29, Colossians 1:13
  6. A kingdom focused ministry creates a liberating confidence in the members of the kingdom.
    1. Boldness – meaning “to be free.”
    2. Unhindered – we must be all about the task of reaching lost people with the gospel of Christ.

How to apply this teaching personally and as a church:

  • That which binds us – Community – connecting, belonging, joining (member)
  • That which leads us – Faith – guiding, hearing, equipping, serving (ministry)
  • That which compels us – Love – multiplying, giving, sending, embracing (mission)

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