What is Our Real Story?

Our Thinking about Church Challenged: What is Our Real Story?
Acts 13:16-51

I. The Unfolding Story of the People of God (Acts 13:16-25)

Household of God” Model within Biblical History
(Ephesians 2:20-22)

II. The Unfolding Activity of God In Christ (Acts 13:26-37)

  • Don’t miss your heritage (Acts 13:26-27)
  • Join with the personal witnesses of history (Acts 13:28-32)
  • Celebrate the certainty of your faith in Christ (Acts 13:33-37)

III. The Unfolding Purpose of the Church to the World (Acts 13:38-51)

The Story:
Message of Christ in Our Hands

The Rest of the Story:
What Will We Do With What We Have?

[ Questions for Further Study ]

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