The Joy of Life Together

This psalm is one of the psalms of ascent, in preparation for entering into the temple for worship. There was tremendous anticipation of coming together to worship.

Psalm 127 reveals the building of the family and in Psalm 128 that family can flourish when God is central in the home.

  • Faith precedes favor
  • Family is a blessing
  • Future prosperity – is announced to the home but is for the community, the city. It moves from a personal faith toward being reconciled with Christ and with others.

These principles of togetherness foreshadow the coming of the church. Togetherness is inseparable from personal faith, we were never meant to walk through this life alone.

Togetherness prioritizes – we effect immediate proximity first.

Togetherness always gathers, getting people face to face (Hebrews 10:25). We get together for a meal (like Wednesday dinners) and the intention is not just to eat but to draw us all together.

In this psalm we see…

  • The Table of Faith
  • The Table of Fellowship
  • The Table of Family

Additional Observations:

God promises blessings or benefits to those who fear the Lord and walk in His ways.

  1. PERKS – Psalm 128:1 – blessed is everyone who fears the Lord, Who walks in His ways.
  2. PROSPERITY – Psalm 128:2 – eating the fruit of your own hands.
  3. PRODUCTIVITY – Psalm 128:3 – your wife as a fruitful vine with children around your table.
  4. PRIDE – Psalm 128:4 – a God-fearing family man is blessed.
  5. PROSPERITY – Psalm 128:5 – blessings from Zion with the prosperity from Jerusalem.
  6. PERPETUITY – Psalm 128:6a – may you live to see your children’s children.
  7. PEACE – Psalm 128:6b – and peace upon Israel.
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