A Living Proverb for Life

This message is from Proverbs 31, about the importance of mothers in the home, on this Mother’s Day 2017.

Billy Sunday: What did the pastor say that induced him to follow Christ? Nothing, but the godly life that I saw lived in the home.

Here the king reflects on the godly mother in his life.

1. External Influence: the illustration of a mother’s touch (Proverbs 31:10-24).


  • Unique value – Proverbs 31:10.
  • Endearment – by those who are dependent on her love.
  • Integrity – her character and goodness are evident.

Production – The great call on your life. Notice these ten word pictures.

  1. Proverbs 31:13 – her joyful service, willing hands, serving others.
  2. Proverbs 31:14 – gives the very best – like the merchant ships.
  3. Proverbs 31:15 – sacrifices
  4. Proverbs 31:16 – initiative, right place at the right time.
  5. Proverbs 31:17 – work ethic and moral integrity
  6. Proverbs 31:18 – very conscientious
  7. Proverbs 31:19-20 – gifted in multitasking, meeting needs where they exist
  8. Proverbs 31:21 – a mother gives the very best not just getting by
  9. Proverbs 31:22-23 – otherness, taking care and thinking of others
  10. Proverbs 31:24 – work that is never below her dignity

2. The Internal Reality: the impact of God’s tough (Proverbs 31:25-31)

  1. Proverbs 31:25 – strength of God’s presence, and inward beauty – character is defined by who we are when the lights go out.
  2. Proverbs 31:26 – is able to speak but there are times when she does not speak. When she does speak, her words of kind and loving
  3. Proverbs 31:27 – never idle – never folding her hands with nothing to do, trustworthiness, and people can count on her
  4. Proverbs 31:28-29 – she is above them all, she surpasses other family members, her reputation precedes her. Proverbs 22:1, Romans 12:17
  5. Proverbs 31:30-31 – what people see in her should reflect the value and character of the Lord who leads her. Faith, integrity, trustworthiness, loyalty, fear of the Lord – Proverbs 14:26. Also see Philippians 2:12-13 – work out your salvation with fear and trembling. Obedience to and consecration in the Lord.

Lives are to be lived in honor and service to God.

Study Questions:

  1. How would you describe a wife of noble character?
  2. How is the noble wife of this chapter different from or similar to the popular ideal today?
  3. What can we do to encourage wives and mothers in their God-given responsibilities?
  4. How is charm deceptive?
  5. Why is it important to keep in mind the fact that physical beauty is fleeting?
  6. How can you recognize the importance of inner beauty?
  7. What is one God-given role or responsibility (whether that of a wife or something else) you can devote to God’s service?
  8. How can you show appreciation to your mother or wife for her hard work and wisdom?
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