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This message is all about living as salt and light in this world. How are we BEING salt and light without that life within us manifesting itself by DOING ministry for others?

1. A Life Lived as Salt (Matthew 5:13)

Salt is indispensable – when it is applied, it preserves, protects, and enhances that which it touches. To be indispensable, it means it is necessary and non-negotiable.

Salt is influential – things change at the place of application, think about saltless potato chips! Our challenge is to be continually salting our community.

Salt is intentional – Jesus asked the question about what to do with ineffective salt, it’s not much good for anything. We must be on the alert to not become ineffective. Always seek to be the aroma of Christ.

2. A Life Lived as Light – (Matthew 5:14-16)

Proximity – this is about spirituality rather than geography. Sometimes we wait to obey his commands, but he will not give us more orders when we have not obeyed previous commands. Obey and he reveals more to us.

Purpose – light is intended to be seen, that is its purpose. We represent something more transcendent, what Christ accomplished on the cross. We are to shine bight like the stars (Philippians 2:15)

Promotion – Jesus uses the word “let” which implies a decision. Once acted upon, this light is the proof that Jesus is alive in us.


  1. There is no mistake in where God has placed me in life.
  2. I am placed where I am ultimately for Kingdom purposes.
  3. Opportunities for ministry are not crafted by time and space but by right perspective.

Study Questions:

  1. What did Jesus mean when He called His followers salt?
  2. What sort of effect does salt have on food?
  3. How do salty things affect us?
  4. How can a Christian lose his or her saltiness?
  5. What does it mean to “let your light shine”?
  6. How might a believer hide his or her light?
  7. What is the effect of bright light in a dark place?
  8. What does light reveal?
  9. What specific behaviors mark the life-style of a salty, shining Christian?
  10. In light of your gifts, abilities, and interests, what specific problem in our world can you
    counteract as a representative of Christ?
  11. What phone calls or letters would you be willing to make or write this week in order to be salt and light in a decaying, dark world?
  12. To whom in your neighborhood, family, or workplace can you be salt and light this week?
  13. How can you be salt and light to the people God has placed in your life?
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