A Balanced Disciple – Service

Seth Horrell finished his series on a Balanced Disciple, on Christian Service, from Matthew 20:25-28.

All living things grow, so should the church. Our growth is balanced on these three principles: worship, spiritual formation, and service.

In worship, ask, what attitude do I bring to worship (evaluation or expectancy)? What do I bring into worship, not what do I get out of it.

The church is a training room for the disciple to prepare, or practice, before the game. We practice here so we can be better, and more effective, out there.

A disciple is balanced in the same way the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee are different. The Dead Sea has all kinds of water flowing into it, and is dead, nothing lives in it; while the Sea of Galilee has water flowing in and water flowing out of it. How do you serve, or give back to your community?

Church hoppers do so because they are looking for the church that “feeds me” where the opposite should be true, you plug into a community and find a place to serve.

Everyone is supposed to serve, it is not optional. With Jesus as our example, we are never exempted. What talents and gifts do you have?

Remember the story of Al at 97 years old – could not hand out bulletins standing up so he found a stool, and kept on serving. You are never too old to find a place to serve.

Listen to this message again and again, and let the Spirit of God put a burden on your heart, this can be the beginning of the birth of a vision God has for you.

Scott added at the end – the connection card has four principles (Gather – Grow – Go – Give) and the first three have been addressed over the past three weeks; and Scott and Seth did not set this up ahead of time.

Spread the Community, Faith, Love

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