A Balanced Disciple – Worship

Like a three-legged stool, the disciple of Jesus needs three areas of life working together. Seth Horrell teaches about “A Balanced Disciple: Worship” from Psalm 100:1-5.

Coaches drill it into you at the start, you need to be skilled with both hands (basketball) or both feet (soccer) if you want to be a masterful player. You have to work your weak side. For a believer, this means growth spiritually in three areas: worship, spiritual formation, and service. Today is about worship.

When we worship properly, we develop a godly perspective and begin to see the world properly.

Corporately, every nation, tribe, and tongue will be a part of worship, filled with people who are like me, and people who are not like me. Here is a great perspective, found in Psalm 100:3.

Two Questions We Must Ask:

1. What is my attitude during worship? Do I have an attitude of evaluation or of expectancy? Am I like a movie critic finding flaws or will I ask the question, “what is God saying to me?” even if the quality of the people on stage are less than perfect? The part that did not connect with me might be just the item that is connecting someone else to God in a very real way.

2. What am I bringing to worship? Bringing something means planning ahead and being prepared. We must always remember that the audience during worship is not US, but GOD himself watching us worship. He is the audience of ONE.

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