Your Servant is Listening

Our preacher this Sunday was Seth Horrell, with a message called, Your Servant is Listening, from 1 Samuel 3:1-10.

It is difficult to watch part 2 of a movie trilogy when you have not seen part 1… so this story about Samuel has a prequel about Hannah (1 Samuel 1-2).

The times: God was distant, his word was rare. The people were in darkness.

Eli’s sons had become corrupt, and Eli’s line would be replaced. Something new was about to come on the scene. There was renewed hope. The lamp had not yet gone out on God’s People.

The noise of our culture will often prevent us from hearing God’s voice. If we desire to be productive, we need to find a place to focus our attention. We must anticipate hearing his revelation.

We are a multigenerational congregation and there are opportunities to fill the role of Samuel or Eli. Older people can lead the way to investing into younger people like Samuel. Younger Samuels can seek out seasoned believers (an Eli) to learn and grow.

Notice that while Samuel was actively involved in “church,” he did not yet know the Lord. It can happen here, too, because we often raise our kids in church but do not raise them in the Christ.

Samuel tells Eli that a new priest is on the way… and Eli graciously affirmed that God will do that which is good for him. Samuel is speaking and something new is coming.

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