What God Sees

Our preacher this month is Seth Horrell, with a message called, What God Sees, from 1 Samuel 16:1-13.

There is the story of Britain’s Got Talent and the unassuming Susan Boyle. Looks can be deceiving.

The Israelites wanted a king like all the other nations, but they did not know for what they were asking.

Saul seemed to have it all, yet over time, Saul moves his own way and God moves toward David.

Like the NFL Scouting Combine, recruiters come to talk about potential and make choices. They look for the best with the most potential to perform well. Sometimes the stats don’t measure up, there are some intangibles, like heart, which you can’t measure.

1. God is not looking for the popular, but the obedient. May we see the David that everyone else will overlook.

2. God does not look for our stuff, but our heart for God.

Do you have a heart for God? Even so, there may be struggles to endure, like David’s exile and running from Saul. God will see us through. You do not need to be a giant to defeat a giant. Let’s see beyond that which we can see. The disciples were moldable and teachable, how about you?

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