The Mission

Our preacher today was Seth Horrell who gave a message from Luke 4:14-21.

  • Back in the day, any male could be asked to read, pray, or speak at the synagogue. Suppose we start doing that here!?
  • Imagine the community getting together to share what God has done this past week, like a potluck of testimonies.
  • Do you think that Jesus read the Scripture or did he quote it? After all, he wrote it!
  • What would we do as a the church to bring this mission to fruition? His calling and mission was to save and redeem: spiritual redemption and physical redemption.
  • What sparks of ideas will God show you to make a difference in the kingdom?
  • Good Works leads to Good News. See the gospel and hear the gospel.
  • A note from a company that brought old debts, but instead of foreclosing, they sent a letter indicating the debt is paid, the note is cancelled, with no strings attached. THAT is OUR story.
Spread the Community, Faith, Love

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