Dress the Part

Our preacher this month is Seth Horrell. He served as Youth Minister at KGBC from 2001-2003, and has continued to minister in several Virginia Baptist congregations as an Associate and Senior Pastor. Seth currently serves as Writer-in-Residence at Williamsburg Baptist Church.

His message today was “Dress the Part” from Colossians 3:12-17.

We are used to dressing the part: new year’s eve celebrations, ball games, weddings, parties… the New Testament uses a phrase like, “put off the old self, and put on the new self.”

There are virtues in this passage that are not only required for individuals, but also for living in community. The old days of drive-by church are over, Christian entertainment or Christianized activities. This is a haunting phrase, “what we win them win is what we win them to.” When people are won to Christ with entertainment, that is what we win them to, more entertainment. But if they are one with discipleship, we will get disciples.

The early church did not have the luxury (or curse) of a Christianized culture, but they had their own community and valued it.

If the Christian life is to be credible, the daily life of Christians must conform to it.

Also, check out all of the “one another” verses of the Bible, then notice that to be obedient to God’s Word, we cannot do this alone; we need each other to be obedient followers of Jesus. Want to know more about the “one another” passages, take a look at this.

Spread the Community, Faith, Love

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