The Unexpected God

Our guest preacher today was Seth Horrell, with a message called, “The Unexpected God is With Us” from Matthew 1:18-25.

Where is it that we find peace? It is difficult to find peace in the midst of December’s busyness.

Peace eludes us when our expectations fall short – like Joseph in prison, his expectations fell down when God did not come through… and then we see God at work, moving in ways we had not anticipated. We realize he was at work the whole time.

The naming of the baby means that Joseph was going to take full responsibility for the child.

A new year is getting close – a time for a fresh start. Is God calling you to trust him deeper, even with finances, or in a relationship, or a ministry, or to put others first, or get out of your comfort zone? What steps will you take to move with him?

Perhaps we are called to journey on the road less traveled? Maybe we are up for an unexpected journey that makes all the difference?

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