Step into the Water

This week’s interim preacher was Don Solomon with a fantastic message on faith, and following Jesus, even when it doesn’t make sense, from Joshua 3:9-16.

Keep your eyes on the ark: which was the symbol of God’s presence. At what are we to look? Christ himself. Who or what do we tend to look at?

God stories come from two places: your life and the Bible.

We have not been this way before: your life is no longer your own and God will take you to places that challenges our comfort. If you choose comfort, you should not choose to follow Jesus.

Consecrate yourself: must be willing to let Christ purify you of your sins before you move out in faith.

Pay attention: to the word of the Lord; listen, and then do.

Step into the water: they could have stood on the bank of the river forever and it would not have stopped the water; they had to first step into the water. This made no sense, but when does issues of faith make sense? Our tendency is to wait, usually due to fear.

Stones of remembrance: we are called to remember, to remember the God stories and pass them on to the next generation. Did they remember what happened here? They did not, with king after king who when against the Lord and his prophets.

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