The Dementia Seminar

Ministering to People with Dementia

This informative presentation was led by Rev. Kim Chafee, on Wednesday, August 3, 5:30pm. There were 66 people in attendance.

Here is what was covered in this practical seminar…

  • What is dementia?
  • What are the types of dementia?
  • What about Alzheimer’s?
  • What are the characteristics of each stage of Alzheimer’s?
  • What are some unique behaviors of advanced dementia?
  • Why is spiritual care and support so important?
  • What are the ways to communicate with a dementia patient?
  • What are some practical ways to provide spiritual care?

Also we discovered…

  • The power of music and the mind.
  • The role of the congregation in spiritual care.
  • Caring for the care-givers.
  • Ten ways to help an Alzheimer’s family.
  • There is local, professional, and practical help in our area!

[ Audio of the Presentation ]
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[ Here are the Slides We Promised ]

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