King’s Builders Announcement

King’s Builders Mission Trip (June 13-18, 2016):


This is very short notice but we have worked out a King’s Builders trip to Red Springs Mission Camp in NC (about 45 minutes north of Pedro’s South of the Border). Milwaukee was a possibility but too far away.

No bus on this trip, let’s carpool. Can you stay the whole week or even part of the week?

The cost is $21 per day for lodging and meals. The church has a Builders Budget line so we can pay for gasoline.

Bring your tools and linens/pillow/towels.

Rather than building a church, this week is more about “World Changers” style projects, repair of homes in the community (perhaps roofing, building ramps, or repair of rotten flooring, etc.).

Donald Downs found Larry Osbourne with NC Baptist Men, who is working with a local pastor, Windell. He will call us closer to the event about the work.

We need about 12 men to commit to this project. Will YOU?

Here is MapQuest for directions – 4 hours, 20 minutes from KGBC.

Spread the Community, Faith, Love

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