Student Bible Study April 13

For thousands of years, the Book of Psalms has provided a voice for God’s people to come together and worship Him. But the psalms are much more than a guide for corporate worship. The psalms serve as incredible examples of how we can communicate in relationship with God. They show us how we can reach to God.


Reach, a 6-lesson study, will show students how “alive” their communication with God can be by looking at examples of various ways they can reach out to God. And, they’ll be reminded of how powerfully God reaches out to them! Our prayer is that students will understand what an active and dynamic relationship with God can look like.

Join us in the Attic tonight at 6:15 as we talk about God’s presence with us. Tonight, students will learn how to deepen their trust in God in ALL circumstances – knowing that God hears and responds to their prayers.

Tonight is a Wendy’s Wednesday and it’s the last one of the school year…don’t miss it!

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