Wendy’s Wednesdays

wendysWendy’s Wednesdays were such a hit last year that we’re doing it again! One Wednesday night a month, we will be going to Wendy’s at the corner of Virginia Beach Blvd. and Little Neck Rd. for some extra fellowship time after Bible study.

Here are some requirements in order to participate:

Students will need to secure a ride TO Wendy’’s AND HOME from Wendy’’s.

Students may drive themselves if they have a driver’s license.
Students can ONLY drive other students if I have consent from BOTH sets of parents. (A written note on the night of Wendy’s Wednesday will be fine, or a text or e-mail sometime that week.) This is a VERY important rule!

Students will need to bring their own money. We don’t want to use Wendy’s as just a hangout and not purchase any food, so please have your student plan to purchase something if they come. (A small frosty, a drink or a full dinner.)

Parents are welcome to come along and enjoy some fellowship with other parents and families as well so you don’t have to come back for pick up.

Ryan and I are excited to have some extra hang out time with our students to get to know them better and know what’s going on in their lives. We hope to use this time to better minister to them. We know that families have a lot going on, so we understand if your student has a lot of homework and can’t make it each time. Join us when you can!

Mark your calendar for Wendy’’s Wednesdays this spring:
March 9th
April 13th

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