Love is Spelled T-I-M-E

Now would be a good time for the Men of Steel to consider how much time we’ve spent with our kids this summer, and how important it is to them that we do. I’m talking about personal, individual time.

Has it been minimal, or have you intentionally put your work and personal interests on hold so that you can invade your child’s world?

Have you spent time reading together? Talking together? Gone on walks, hikes, bike rides? Taken a family vacation together? Gone swimming together? Taken your daughter out on dates? Gone fishing, canoeing, or a ton of other fun outdoor activities with your son?

I read a great quote this week: “The thing our children need most is often in the shortest supply — our time.”

They don’t care or need the “stuff” that a good paying job with long hours can provide. Children of all ages spell love T-I-M-E.

So, before you begin this mental review of your summer schedule, watch this brief video below. Hold on to the very end, it’s powerful.

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VBS Paint Party

submerged-vbsVBS Paint Party
Wednesday, March 30th
10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

We need YOU to help us draw/paint scenes for VBS this year! If you are artistic and would be willing to help, we’’re looking for about 10-15 students to come paint that day. Lunch will be provided. You can sign up to help on the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the Attic.

Mark your calendars a mandatory youth VBS training will be held on Sunday, June 5th at 2:00 p.m. right before the church picnic!

Vacation Bible School is June 27th – July– 1st. Your student can sign up to help on the bulletin board upstairs in the Attic starting soon!

Wendy’s Wednesdays

wendysWendy’s Wednesdays were such a hit last year that we’re doing it again! One Wednesday night a month, we will be going to Wendy’s at the corner of Virginia Beach Blvd. and Little Neck Rd. for some extra fellowship time after Bible study.

Here are some requirements in order to participate:

Students will need to secure a ride TO Wendy’’s AND HOME from Wendy’’s.

Students may drive themselves if they have a driver’s license.
Students can ONLY drive other students if I have consent from BOTH sets of parents. (A written note on the night of Wendy’s Wednesday will be fine, or a text or e-mail sometime that week.) This is a VERY important rule!

Students will need to bring their own money. We don’t want to use Wendy’s as just a hangout and not purchase any food, so please have your student plan to purchase something if they come. (A small frosty, a drink or a full dinner.)

Parents are welcome to come along and enjoy some fellowship with other parents and families as well so you don’t have to come back for pick up.

Ryan and I are excited to have some extra hang out time with our students to get to know them better and know what’s going on in their lives. We hope to use this time to better minister to them. We know that families have a lot going on, so we understand if your student has a lot of homework and can’t make it each time. Join us when you can!

Mark your calendar for Wendy’’s Wednesdays this spring:
March 9th
April 13th

DNow Weekend 2016 Promotion

This event is finished…

priceless-dnowMarch 18 – 20, 2016

Everyone struggles to grasp their real value and where that value comes from, especially students. We miss the point that our worth is tied to our maker. Because of this, students use all sorts of defense mechanisms to make themselves valuable in other ways. This often means that students get trampled on, squeezed out, and put down by other “Christian” students who should know better. These students try to earn their value through judgment, one-upmanship, and by using condescending Christianese. They move their peers farther and farther away from the Church through spiritual bullying.

Priceless will help students recognize their own value in God’s family so they can start seeing it in others. With that foundation, students will start moving past the spiritual abuse their insecurities create. More than that, they’ll learn to invite back in students who have been pushed to the margins, cherishing them as priceless children of God. The study is written to help grow the faith of committed believers while also offering opportunities for non-Christian students to understand the gospel and to make a commitment to follow Jesus as Lord.

What is DNow?
Other than pretty much being the biggest and best weekend of the year, Disciple Now (DNow) is an in-home, discipleship retreat for students in grades 7 – 12. Students will spend an entire weekend with their friends in the Host Homes of members of King’s Grant Baptist Church. Influential guest leaders (awesome college students) will lead and teach throughout the weekend. Activities include small group Bible Studies and discussions, worship, time to hang out with friends, a fun large group activity and LOTS of great food! The students will wrap up the weekend by celebrating in the worship service on Sunday. As always, friends are welcome!

Cost: February 29th – March 13th – $35

March 13th is the FINAL deadline: (This deadline is VERY important as we have to coordinate food, transportation and housing!)

  • This cost includes all meals, a t-shirt, a Bible study book, recreation activities, supplies, etc.
  • If cost is a problem for you or for a friend, please contact me in the church office.
  • Checks can be made out to KGBC with “DNow” in the memo line.

What else do I need to know?
DNow weekend begins at 6:30 PM on Friday, March 18th (please eat dinner before you come!) and ends on Sunday March, 20th after the 11:00 worship service in The Well.
Please make every effort to ensure your student can participate for the entire weekend. Missing any part of the weekend means missing a lot!

Parents: Signups to help with food and transportation are now up on the bulletin boards outside our worship services. If you have any questions about helping out, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Reach: Student Bible Study


For thousands of years, the Book of Psalms has provided a voice for God’s people to come together and worship Him. But the psalms are much more than a guide for corporate worship. The psalms serve as incredible examples of how we can communicate in relationship with God. They show us how we can reach to God.

Reach, a 6-lesson study, will show students how “alive” their communication with God can be by looking at examples of various ways they can reach out to God. And, they’ll be reminded of how powerfully God reaches out to them! Our prayer is that students will understand what an active and dynamic relationship with God can look like.

Join us in the Attic tomorrow night as we start our new series. We’’ll be talking about how God created us to reach out to Him in honest communication. See you at 6:15!