The Leadership Pipeline Seminar

After all this talk about church and vision over the past few months, it’s time to make this practical.

  • What are the next logical steps to develop this equipping model of ministry?
  • How is the church designed to free members to find and fulfill what God has called them to do?
  • What are the next steps in personal spiritual development?
  • What is difference between a map and a menu?
  • What is the difference between a destination and a direction?
  • What is the difference between training volunteers and training leaders?
  • How would you describe our current leadership pathway?
  • How can we get this vision from a pipe dream to a pipeline?
  • Who will succeed you in your ministry after you are gone?

Beginning on Wednesday, October 25, we will have a 7-session video and discussion series on what is called “Leadership Pipeline.” Why? Because of this new vision Ken has been casting, and what we are calling “the next” for King’s Grant (development of an equipping culture), it cannot not happen apart from leadership development.

These video sessions are from the 2016 leadership pipeline conference and will cover these topics…

  1. Conviction, Culture, Constructs (Eric Geiger)
  2. A Vision for Pipeline and Your Vision’s Pipeline (Will Mancini)
  3. Strategy (Kevin Peck)
  4. Collaboration (Jenni Catron)
  5. Who Moved My Pulpit? And Other Change Issues (Thom Rainer)
  6. Leading Leaders (Carey Nieuwhof)
  7. Discipleship (Paul Tripp)

It all starts this Wednesdays October 25 in the sanctuary at 6:15.

Awana Update October 19

Thanks for all the OIAM Donations! If you forgot anything (clothes, crayons, canned goods), bring it to the church by this Saturday morning! We get together at 8:00 a.m.

This Week’s THEME: Service Night (October 22)
Either serve this week by helping someone other than family (OIAM or other – parents decide what counts as ‘service’) or dress as a service person (police, fire fighter, doctor, military, etc) on Sunday. Remember what Jesus said: “Inasmuch as you did it for the least of these, you did it for me.”

Let me know if you and/or your kids would like to serve on Saturday! We still have plenty of opportunities.

Mark your calendars for Parent’s Night Out on Friday, December 8!

If you miss a week, parents can sign off the next section to catch up.

The Impact of the Small Gathering

For Further Discussion:

  1. What possessions do you have that you enjoy sharing with others?
  2. Which of your belongings would you not want to share with anyone else? Why?
  3. How would you describe your life-style: self-centered, family-centered, or others-centered?
  4. What were the activities of the early church? (Acts 2:42)
  5. How did the new believers approach what they did? (Acts 2:42)
  6. What unusual deeds did the apostles do? (Acts 2:43)
  7. How did people respond to what was going on? (Acts 2:43)
  8. What life-style did the early believers adopt? (Acts 2:44-45)
  9. Why might the early Christians have had “everything in common”? (Acts 2:44)
  10. How were the goods distributed among the early believers? (Acts 2:45)
  11. How often did the believers meet? (Acts 2:46)
  12. Where did the early believers meet? (Acts 2:46)
  13. How did the early Christians meet together? (Acts 2:46-47)
  14. What did the Christians do when they met together in homes? (Acts 2:46-47)
  15. What was the spirit of the believers in all they did? (Acts 2:46-47)
  16. What was the growth of the early church like? (Acts 2:47)
  17. What were the early believers actually doing when they “broke bread”?
  18. How do the activities of the early church compare with the activities of our church?
  19. How do you think our church should be more like the early church?
  20. In what ways should our church be different from the early church? Why?
  21. The early church was joyful, victorious, and full of praise. How would you describe the spirit of our church?
  22. When do you most enjoy spending time with other believers?
  23. Would you describe our church as self-centered or others-centered?
  24. How is the celebration of Communion meaningful to you?
  25. What “miracles” have you witnessed in our church fellowship?
  26. In what ways do you see our church growing?
  27. What can you do to help our church be more like the early church?
  28. How can your daily prayers help bring about spiritual renewal in our church fellowship?

Lasting Impact “I Will” Video Challenge

These video segments are coordinated with Ken’s teaching series called, How to Make a Lasting Impact (October – November 2017).

We handed out the Thom Rainer book to every family, and I challenge classes to get together and discuss the information we learn from our reading. We are not replacing the class lessons, but hope that we can stimulate conversation by encouraging every family to read this book.

  1. I Will – an Introduction – October 1
  2. I Will Gather for Worship – October 8
  3. I Will Gather in a Small Group – October 15

For the rest of the series, check out

Student Bible Study Oct 11

Tomorrow Night After Bible Study we’re going to the Wendy’s at Little Neck.

Families are welcome!

Wendy’s Wednesday Requirements:

Students will need to secure a ride TO Wendy’s AND HOME from Wendy’s.

Students may drive themselves if they have a driver’s license.

Students can ONLY drive other students if I have consent from BOTH sets of parents. (A written note on the night of Wendy’s Wednesday will be fine, or a text or e-mail sometime that week.) This is a VERY important rule!

Students will need to bring their own money. 

Parents are welcome to come along and enjoy some fellowship with other parents and families as well so you don’t have to come back for pick up.

Student Sunday School Oct 15

Through “The Thread”, students will discover the life-changing narrative of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. But most importantly, they will see how the thread of the Gospel is woven through every story.

Join us on Sundays at 9:45am in the Attic!

This Sunday October 15:

How Do I React to Forgiveness?

Going to Church God’s Way Part 1

How to Make a Lasting Impact – Part Two
GOING TO CHURCH GOD’S WAY: The Impact of the Large Gathering
Psalm 100:1-5 / John 4:21-26


1. How do we gather? Psalm 100:1-5

(7 imperatives that guide our approach to worship)

  1. Shout
  2. Serve
  3. Come
  4. Know
  5. Enter
  6. Give

2. Why do we gather? John 4:21-26

(Jesus gives two reasons why we worship.)

To worship in Spirit . . .
To Worship in Truth . . .

Questions for Further Discussion:

  1. How did Jesus say people would worship God? (John 4:21-23)
  2. What kind of worshipers does God seek? (John 4:23)
  3. What did Jesus say about God? (John 4:24)
  4. Who did Jesus say He was? (John 4:25-26)
  5. What groups of people do you feel uncomfortable being around? Why?
  6. How might a person feel put off by another person’s background, nationality, or race?
  7. How can prejudice affect a Christian’s witness?
  8. How have you responded to Jesus’ invitation to receive His living water?
  9. How is Jesus’ gift of salvation different from what the world offers?
  10. When was the last time you were in a debate on when or how to best worship?
  11. Describe a time when you worshiped in ignorance? (John 4:22)
  12. Of all the types of people God might seek, why do you think that the Father seeks worshipers?
  13. How is the world’s need for salvation and eternal life like thirst?
  14. In what other ways besides thirst might you describe eternal life?
  15. How can we worship God in spirit and in truth?
  16. When was the last time that God spoke so clearly and you still did not get it? (John 4:26)

Awana Update for Oct 5

Thanks for all the CEREAL! We collected almost 40 boxes for KGBC’s Food Pantry last week.

This Week’s THEME: Jersey Night!
Wear your favorite Jersey this week! Any Jersey will be fine. No need to wear your uniforms this week – but don’t forget to wear tennis shoes!

Reminder: We are changing the entry door! Enter through the Preschool Welcome Center (on the same side of the building) for check in.

Operation Inasmuch is coming soon! Start looking for old crayons… we are collecting them to send to The Crayon Initiative and they will recycle them into new ones and donate them back to schools, hospitals, arts programs and other organizations invested in our children. I know you all have bits and pieces of used crayons laying around so don’t throw them away – we’ll take them!

We hope you will make plans to join us on Saturday, October 21. We have a wide variety of projects that we’ll be working on that day and we’d love to have you. Listed below is a description of projects and the sign up sheets are located next to the AWANA Check-in so check your calendar and sign up on Sunday. We also have mission projects for the kids so don’t forget to sign them up too!


OIAM Teams:

*Bakers Team: Those who love to bake can prepare cookies and brownies to be mailed to college students, and delivered on October 20th to local police and fire stations in our community. Please bake ahead of time, bring the items on that Saturday, and then serve on another team during OIAM.

*Bingo at Luther Manor: This team will visit a local facility and host BINGO for the residents. We are also requesting donations for BINGO prizes (like small or large packs of Kleenex, lotions, dish soap, hand towels, even toilet paper).

*Collection Team: Sorting outer wear, children’s books, toys and all clothing & household items.

*First Responders: This team will pack and deliver baked goods to local police and fire stations in our community.

*Food Bank Food Drive: This team will collect and sort items for our local food bank to help those who are struggling with hunger in our region.

*Home Repair and Maintenance Projects: Builders and those handy with tools can make a difference by helping with small jobs around the home for needy people in our community. An urgent request is for local projects. Send your suggestions by October 8, by dropping a note in the OIAM projects box in the foyer.

*Judeo-Christian Outreach Center: This team will work in various areas at Union Mission in Norfolk. Service opportunities are: painting, cleaning, etc.

*King’s Stitchers: Experienced crocheters and knitters can come to the church and make items needed for oncology hats which can be completed within an hour or so. Approximately 80 layettes were made prior to OIAM to give to the Baptist Baby Boutique and Keim Pregnancy Center.

*Military Letters: This team will write letters to deployed military personnel, to offer God’s love and encouragement to our heroes serving away from home and family. Letters can be written ahead of time and brought to the church that Saturday, and then you may serve on another team during OIAM. An extremely important component of this team is getting names and addresses of deployed members whom we can serve.

*Nursing Home Ministry: This team will visit nursing homes and bring a ray of sunshine into the lives of the residents and guests while offering greeting cards, stuffed animals, jewelry and puzzle books to the residents.

*Oil Changes: This team will perform free oil changes for single moms, spouses of deployed military, or senior adults in need. Everyone can help us find those who may benefit from this service.

*Prayer Team: This team prays for the teams at church then goes to all the home and mission sites and prayers for them as well.

*Rise Against Hunger: This team will sort, assemble and get ready to ship meals for those in need. We are partnering with Rise Against Hunger (formerly Stop Hunger Now) for this event.

*Sewing CHKD Surgery Bears: This team will make bears for children undergoing surgery at CHKD.

*Union Mission: This team will work in various areas at Union Mission in Norfolk. Service opportunities are: building a room, painting, cleaning, various projects, etc.

*Working Women’s Wardrobe via JCOC: This team will collect and sort clothing that is intended to help women and men seeking jobs dress for success.

*Yard Work Projects: Complete tasks such as raking leaves, weed eating, maybe tree trimming or brush removal, etc. Usually not mowing.